NMI is in its 24th year
Serving regulated industries for 24 years, including healthcare, financial services, insurance, nuclear power, energy, public utilities, telecommunications, and all levels of government.

NMI LLC — Innovation in Security, Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

NMI solves the most difficult problems of security, governance, risk management, and compliance.

RAPID Governance Process Technology & Business Agility

RAPID is a process for enterprise, technology, and security architecture (EA, EITA & SA). RAPID integrates SGRC with other business functions, reduces residual risk, improves compliance, and provides a path to more efficient, competitive business processes.

TrustPath integrated SGRC Integrated Security, Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC)

TrustPath is a subscription to one or more NMI security, governance, risk management, and compliance products and services. TrustPath improves all aspects of your SGRC program while reducing your cost and effort.

Information Security Services Information Security Services

NMI's full suite of governance testing (penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, application testing, etc.), governance product implementation, infrastructure support, secure software engineering, and information governance training services.

Governance Services Governance Services

Corporate, technology, and security governance assessment, planning, support, and training services, based on the RAPID enterprise architecture process and the TrustPath integrated SGRC service.

Risk Management Services Risk Management Services

Quantitative risk assessments, comprehensive enterprise risk management (ERM) services, support of your risk management function, and risk management training (including ISO 31000) for risk professionals and other employees and consultants.

Compliance Services Compliance Services

Information technology audits, compliance audits, compliance assessment, compliance planning, compliance support, and compliance training for all control targets and combinations of control targets.

RAPID and TrustPath are trademarks of NMI LLC.